Release: 31 Oktober 2014

Produced By Michael Kusch and Kryptonite
Mixed By Michael Kusch
Recorded @ QuSoundStudio
Released By Kryptonite.Rocks

Photography: Frontrow Images
Cover Art by Mark Brückmann, www.HellsPixel.com
Art Direction: Kryptonite.Rocks


1. Black Rose
2. Highway
3. Shot At First Glance
4. I Love You (But I Choose The Blues)
5. Lipstick
6. Purple Took Me On A Ride
7. Volcano
8. Take It Or Leave It
9. Dirt
10. Green Demon

Electric Organ(Track 10) by Ingbert Gams

All Songs And Lyrics By Kryptonite
Copyrights by Kryptonite.Rocks
All Rights Reserved.Used By Permission
All Songs Published By Kryptonite.Rocks

Kryptonite would like to thank:

Micha and Sue for all your help, care and support, Jürgen, Marion and Mats at Delirious Dark for making this record possible, Mark Brückmann for the creative arts, everyone at IKM for our very first gig years ago, Dr. Mad @ Guitar Hospital (you´re a crazy motherfucker!!!), Meier and everyone @ Cafe 42, any band or musician who has influenced our music and last but never least a very big thanks to everyone that bought this CD.